Do you really know about every IT asset – from core to edge – that you’re responsible for supporting or securing? Sure, you might have an IT asset management tool that tells you about physical stuff like servers, network switches, and endpoints. But how about the operating systems, commercial software, custom built applications, middleware, and databases they host? What about the endless configuration options for each asset? Are you certain no one spun up a new virtual server lately?

EcosystemManager can help.

With agentless network discovery software that automates the process of discovering IT hardware and software assets and cataloging their configurations, you’ll have the information you need to make effective support and cybersecurity decisions. Plus there is no need to use a separate IT asset management tool or configuration management software like a CMDB, because EcosystemManager offers those too. EcosystemManager truly discovers what you have.

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Key features
  • Agentless network discovery software
  • Native integration with EcosystemManager CMDB
  • Can integrate with 3rd party asset management tools and configuration management software
  • Discover asset configurations via WMI, SSH, and SNMP probes
  • No impact on network or host performance
  • Scan immediately or schedule scans to run automatically
  • Perform deep scans of physical and virtual installs of Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac
  • Discover network infrastructure, edge devices, even medical devices
  • Automatically discover software and configuration changes
  • Optional agent available for local monitoring of servers and desktops

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