EcosystemManager is no ordinary IT asset management tool and it will cover your assets

Managing all your corporate IT assets and their associated CI’s (configuration items) can be a big pain. Assuming you actually know what you have there is still a lot to keep track of. For example: Who owns it? Who uses it? Who supports it? What’s its status? How much did it cost? Are we paying for support? Is it tied to any SLAs? How is it configured? What other assets depend on it and what assets does it depend on? Is it a critical but also a fragile asset?

EcosystemManager is the answer. Much more than a simple IT asset management tool but a complete ITAM platform that is ITILv4 (2011) certified for Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM). Couple that with its automated agentless network discovery or optional Windows agent and you won’t be dependent on unreliable manual entry or tedious bulk importing of devices, software or configurations. The information in EcosystemManager will be kept current so you know it can be trusted.

Also unlike other IT asset management tools, EcosystemManager automatically builds awesome visualizations for things like application dependencies, web service topologies, server to server communications, and network infrastructure maps. There are also customizable reports and dashboards so everyone gets to choose the information that’s most important to them.

With full lifecycle management for all your hardware and software assets, including software license management, EcosystemManager helps you get and maintain control of all IT assets and associated contracts. So, the next time you’re asked for an inventory report for a financial, security, or compliance audit you’ll know you’ve covered all your assets.

Looking to incorporate ITAM with IT Service Management (ITSM)? EcosystemManager has you covered there too. All asset and configuration management data is easily leveraged across all of EcosystemManager’s ITSM processes but can also be used with other CMDB and ITSM tools.

IT Asset Management Tool
Why EcosystemManager is no ordinary IT asset management tool:
  • Complete ITAM solution coupled with powerful IT asset & configuration discovery
  • Manage all IT assets including hardware, software, OS, web services, virtual and cloud
  • Windows agent available for critical servers or roaming endpoints
  • Powerful relationship visualizations, dashboards and reports
  • Properly route and log acquisition requests & approvals
  • ID asset ownership and support responsibilities
  • Cradle to grave hardware asset lifecycle management
  • Software license management & metering
  • Link maintenance contracts and SLA’s to CI’s
  • Seamless integration with EcosystemManager ITSM or 3rd party API integration (i.e. ServiceNow & BMC)
  • API integration with cloud providers (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)